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Helen Bellart

Welcome to Helen Bellart wonderful artist world of silk accessories and beautiful bag collection. The silk scarves are crafted from the best 100% italian silk and featuring elegant and eye-catching artist prints from Helen´s own artworks in an on-trend palette of colours. Helen Bellarts timeless multifunctional elegant silk scarves offers a playful and easy way to accessories and outfit for any occasion and for this reason are a must-have statement piece for every woman year-round wardrobe.


In 2015 Helen Bellart debuts in fashion market with a new concept: she prints her artworks on silk scarves and handbags, all products are handmade in Spain.

Helen Bellart was born in 1985 in Nitra, Slovakia. She creates her art in Vienna and since 2012 she has a second home in Marbella, Spain.

She studied and attended artistic education of painting in artistic painting folk high school in Vienna. During her artistic growth in Vienna, she learned new techniques for oil painting and acrylic. But Helen referred  to a self-taught artist who has created her own style and personal interpretation of art by reading about famous painters, going to museums, and traveling.

Helen´s painting style has strong colors, and is modern yet timeless. Her current technique is guided by a boundless imagination. Her compositions of colors and feathery brushstrokes capture her moods and pass it to the canvas. She often uses her fingers to add details in her paintings, as well as acrylic pastes to form reliefs and forms. The beautiful array of colors reveals her optimistic view of life, humor, and boundless quest for perfection and satisfaction-oriented work.

It is with attention and love that she looks at the world around her, which gives her new ideas to take to the canvas. In this sense, travel is very important to her, as it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. When asked how she paints and creates her paintings, Helen naturally replied with these words: ".. I forget the time, I get lost in my world of art and concentrate fully on the work. Every finished picture gives me a wonderful feeling of joy.”